Interview with Angélique Buckton

I’m a born and bred South African, after I got married I moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town where my Hubby and I now live with our 4 children (aged 2-15). I am blessed to have a man that allows me to stay at home and homeschool my kids while I fit in some painting and creativity in between school, laundry and keeping enough food in the house for my teenage sons!

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Elizabeth Rees
Interview with a CoppaFeel Boobette

It’s important to remember that you are not looking and feeling for cancer, you’re checking for any unusual changes. Sometimes changes in our boobs are simply down to the time of the month and changes in hormones, so it's also important get to know your natural rhythm.

When checking (looking and feeling) your boobs, it’s important to remember that our breast tissue isn’t just at our boob. It runs all the way up to our collarbones and also into our armpits.

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Kind Organic-Eliza Eliza collaboration for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

The Eve Appeal partnership occurred after I’d heard Karen Hobbs’ interview with Cherry Healey on her podcast Letters to my Fanny. (I told you I loved a podcast). Karen was diagnosed with cervical cancer at just 24. For the first time, I really thought about how naive I had been, I didn’t go for my first cervical screening (smear) test until I was 29, after I’d had my first baby. It was a mixture of lack of education as to what cervical screening was and some embarrassment. Seems so silly to think that now. I know now that by having one it can literally save your life… and the nurses have seen it all!

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Don’t die from embarrassment - Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 21-27 January 2019

Did you know...Over 4,000 women’s lives in the UK are saved each year by the NHS - just because they attended their cervical screening appointments!

By turning up for their smear tests 75% of cervical cancers were PREVENTED!!

So why is attendance of this life saving test at its lowest in England for 19 years and lowest in Wales and Scotland for 10 years?

Embarrassment? Lack of knowledge? Cultural barriers? 

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