5 Reasons why you should buy hemp fashion clothes and accessories

A Sustainable WorldElizabeth Rees

I'm not for a minute saying go out and buy as much stuff made using hemp as possible! But, if you are in need of something new here's why hemp is one of the most eco friendly and sustainable fabric choices out there.

1. Durability – Hemp is 8 times more durable than cotton. It also hold it's shape and stretches much less than other natural fibres. Ideal for keeping your clothes from going baggy and shapeless.

2. Breathable – Hollow hemp fibres keeps you cool in the summer and warn in the winter.

3. No yucky pesticides needed – Hemp is effectively a weed and grows almost anywhere, this not only keeps the cost down but is much better for the environment. Making hemp one of the most eco-friendly fabrics available worldwide.

Mary stow stripe hemp jersey t-shirt by Thought Clothing

Mary stow stripe hemp jersey t-shirt by Thought Clothing

4. Softens over time – With every use your hemp dress or bag will soften overtime, amazingly without losing its strength characteristics.

5. Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial – This makes hemp clothing and accessories fantastic to use near water, for example beach towels, bags and dresses. Even if water gets in to the hemp fabric these properties keep the hemp fabric from going mouldy or smelly.

Berries Blue Collection Organic hemp-cotton purse

Berries Blue Collection Organic hemp-cotton purse

In fact I accidentally stumbled on the organic hemp-cotton fabric I use. I was looking for linen originally and if I'm honest my naive understanding of hemp was that it was related to Marijuana (I will write another blog post on that later!). BTW the only high you will get from my bags and purses will be the compliments you will get ;-) and the fact that you have helped contribute to amazing charities (presently Unseen, supporting victims of modern slavery)

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