Interview with Angélique Buckton


I see so many beautiful designs, but as soon as I lay my eyes on Angelique Buckton’s turtle design I was smitten. I messaged Angelique straight away to ask if she’d allow me to use it on a new project I had ideal for, supporting the wonderful work WWF does - protecting the World’s natural habitats. I was over the moon when she said Yes! Here’s a bit more about the artist behind the turtle design I fell in love with at first sight.

1. Hi Angelique, thank you so much for talking to me. Firstly, could you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Hi Elizabeth! It's such a privilege, thank you for this opportunity! I’m a born and bred South African, after I got married I moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town where my Hubby and I now live with our 4 children (aged 2-15). I am blessed to have a man that allows me to stay at home and homeschool my kids while I fit in some painting and creativity in between school, laundry and keeping enough food in the house for my teenage sons!

2. How and why did you start making art? Did you always want to be an artist?

My Mom has some art of mine from back when I was 7, so honestly I feel like I’ve been drawing my whole life. I took art all through high school and eventually studied interior design. Now I just get to draw and paint whatever I love. Companies like Spoonflower are such an amazing platform for artists like me who still need to be at home.

3. Your designs are beautiful, where do you get your inspiration from?

Thanks so much, I still feel the need to pinch myself at times when I think people all over the world have access to my designs. I live near the ocean, but really most of my passion for drawing sea life and other ocean-inspired creatures comes from my scuba diving experiences back before I had 4 kids. One specific encounter with a turtle in Mozambique always stands out for me. There is just nothing like exploring coral reefs up close, creation is awe inspiring. Inspiration is all around us if we just look, plus, Pinterest is a great source too!

4. Do you have a favourite or most meaningful piece of art you have created?

Wow, I’ve never really thought of that before. There’s a painting I did for my Dad, a big oil on canvas piece. I’d just had my first baby and I was about to move to the UK to live there for a few years. It still hangs in their lounge 15 years later and it's like a little part of our family history. Family is hugely important to me there are lots of memories around that painting.

5. Finally, what do you always keep in your bag and never leave the house without?

Baby wipes!! With 4 kids there is always a need. I also have this awesome little pouch my Mom made for me that holds some drawing essentials; paper, pencils, paint brushes and paint. Just in case I get stuck somewhere and have a few free moments to get creative.

Thank you so much for sharing some of your story with us Angelique. You can shop The Turtle Collection supporting WWF lined with Angelique’s beautiful turtle designs here

Elizabeth Rees