Kind Organic-Eliza Eliza collaboration for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month


This Ovarian Cancer Awareness month I collaborated with Kind Organic who sell a range of natural sanitary products. 

As well as running a competition on Instagram together they also interviewed me about why I started Eliza Eliza and my passion behind working with my partnering charities. There’s a sample below or you can read the full interview here

When did you launch Eliza Eliza and what spurred you to do it?

I was on maternity with my first son and set up a business making and selling cushions on Etsy and social media. This gave me some experience and understanding of the possibilities an online business can offer. But cushions didn’t really excite me… Bags, however… I love my bags. Ever since I was a little girl I have carried a bag with all my essentials in. I wanted to create a bag or purse that I could use to organise my larger bags, and as I had just become a mum I started with the idea of a changing pouch. But also wanted it to look good enough as a clutch bag going out with my friends, to the pub or date night.

How did the charity partnerships come about and how did you choose who to partner with?


I was inspired by brands such as Selfish  Mother and Toms and wanted to create a brand that meant something and gave back in some way.

My first partnership was with Unseen, a charity which supports victims of modern slavery in the UK. Slavery is a much bigger problem in the UK than many people realise and my Freedom Collection aims to highlight the issue and encourage people to be visual of potential victims in their communities.

The Eve Appeal partnership occurred after I’d heard Karen Hobbs’ interview with Cherry Healey on her podcast Letters to my Fanny. (I told you I loved a podcast). Karen was diagnosed with cervical cancer at just 24. For the first time, I really thought about how naive I had been, I didn’t go for my first cervical screening (smear) test until I was 29, after I’d had my first baby. It was a mixture of lack of education as to what cervical screening was and some embarrassment. Seems so silly to think that now. I know now that by having one it can literally save your life… and the nurses have seen it all!


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