Turtle Collection Lavender Eye Pillow

Turtle Collection Lavender Eye Pillow


This unique organic cotton Eye Pillow is perfect to calm and relax your mind after a long day.

Six out of seven of our Earth’s turtles are endangered and only 1 of every 1000 turtles will reach adulthood. This Turtle Collection Clutch bag aims to help raise more awareness of how close to extinction these beautiful creatures, which have been around since T rex’s walked our planet, really are.

10% from each sale donated to the WWF which will help them to:

  • reduce illegal fishing

  • promote sustainable fishing practices

  • expand and create marine protected areas

  • help local communities conserve and manage their natural resources

  • help strengthen law enforcement to halt the illegal trade in turtles

Organic cotton lining turtle design by Angelique Buckton.

Contents: rice and dried lavender

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