Sustainably Conscious

Bags of Meaning

Hi, welcome to Eliza Eliza, where you can find the perfect accessory to carry your cause. My name is Elizabeth and I started making bags because I needed a way to organise my handbag with mine and the children’s items. I couldn’t find what I wanted and found myself behind a sewing machine making one myself. Before long I was making them as gifts for friends and family. But I knew these useful pouches could be so much more….they could help tell a story, share ideas and spread awareness. They could Carry Your Cause!

Between partnering with charities, listening to the issues that matter to you and promoting messages that mean something to me, my collections continue to grow and open up discussions for the important topics that we care about. By supporting Eliza Eliza, you are making a change and raising awareness on these causes, and I thank you for allowing me to become a part of that.

Why Hemp?

Originally I wanted to make my bags from linen, and even looked at various upholstery textiles before my research led me to discover hemp and the world of organic fabrics opened up to me. Hemp is a sustainable crop due to not needing as much water or pesticides as cotton. Beyond being antifungal and antibacterial this fabric is hardwearing whilst softening over time giving beautiful and unique characteristics to your Eliza Eliza bag the more you use it.

If you want to explore ethical fashion and do your bit to support the charities, or simply add a stylish accessory to your wardrobe get involved and find me over on Instagram